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Publishing Basics Radio host, Ron Pramschufer, talks with Patricia Fry, author of the book How to Write a Sussessful Book Proposal in 8 Days or Less. The book proposal is the equivilent of a marketing plan, and is a must whether you are trying to interest a traditional publisher in your book or are thinking of self-publishing.  What is a book proposal?  Why write a book proposal?  When do you start writing a book proposal?  What are the components of a book proposal?  These questions as well as many more are answered in this in-depth interview. 

Discussion with Christopher Simmons from Send2Press®.com.  What is a press release? Who reads them? How has the business changed over the years with the Internet? How does this effect self-publishers? These questions and many more are answered in this interview with one of the leaders in the field.

With the precision of a military operation, Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg launched their new title Call to Action.  Within two weeks their book reached bestseller status with 3 major newspapers as well as top ten listing on Amazon, all without the help of any major advertising budget or the help of a publicist or PR firm.  Find out how this all came about by listening to this interesting WBJB Radio interview.

Davida Breirer, Sales and Marketing Manager for Biblio Distribution talks with host, Ron Pramschufer about the in's and out's of the book distribution business. Listen as Davida says exactly what a distributor looks for in a new title and what steps you need to follow in order to increase your chance of being picked up by a distributor like Biblio.Find out the difference between a distributor and a wholesaler. How many books can you reasonable expect to sell to bookstores? How quickly can a distributor get your book into the various distribution channels? Can POD distribution work as a testing ground for a title prior to being accepted by a traditional distributor. All these questions plus more are answered in fast moving interview with one of the few book distributors who have successfully worked with small press publishers. Don't miss a minute.

Controversy sells as long as your skin is thick enough to take the heat from the critics. Today's interview is with Chika Onyeani, author of the internationally acclaimed No.1 bestselling book, Capitalist Nigger: - the Road to Success. Capitalist Nigger is breaking all records for self-published book, and is regarded as a Bible for the re-generation of black economic empowerment and success.. This interview is one of a series of peer-to-peer book marketing tips where successful Independent Publishers tell their stories and give advice to other authors on how to sell books

Tara Blom, Manager of Competitions for F and W Publications, talks about the in's and out's of the Writers Digest Self-Publishing Awards contest. This informative interview will have every person who has recently self-published a book, running off to enter.

Interview with Kristin D. Godsey, Editor of Writers Digest Magazine on a recent article concerning the possibility of establishing a "Code of Ethics" for POD Publishers.

Because many authors have a notoriously low cashflow, Christine Louise Hohlbaum has designed a book marketing system to fully answer the question, "What do I do now?" once the author's book is published. Ron finds out the difference between PR and advertising during his talk with the author of The Author's Companion: A Self-Guided Course on Book Promotion , a CD-Rom which saves authors thousands of dollars and helps build a powerful PR foundation.

Host Ron Pramschufer, interviews Allan Hunkin, an Internet audio pioneer, about selling books on the web with sound. Most of us only recently heard the word "PodCast" for the first time. Mr Hunkin has been working in this area so long he actually was the original owner of www.PodCasts.com.  Listen to find out the various possibilities of adding audio to your book marketing program.  It's easier and less expensive than you may think.

Are they a traditional publisher?  Are they a vanity press?  Are they a POD Publisher?  Publish America is a very unique publisher in that a simple Google search will lead to entire websites devoted to the demise of Publish America, while at the same time lead to people who love them. Publish America was left out of the original Truth About POD Publishing series because it didn't quite fit the pay to be published publisher mold.  Their name did, however come up in the interviews with Dave Maturo, formerly with XLibris, Susan Driscoll, the President of IUniverse and Mark Levine, the author of The Fine Print - What POD Contracts Really Say.  Even the opinions among these three ranged from "They are great" to "They are hated".  Numerous calls were made to Publish in an attempt to get someone to come on the Publishing Basics radio show and answer some of the questions that were being raised.  After all our attempts failed, we decided to interview Jenna Glatzer , the head of one of the largest writers groups in the country regarding feedback she has received from her members regarding Publish America.  There is no gray area in her opinion.

Host Ron Pramschufer talks with Jenna Glatzer, author of The Street-Smart Writer and Editor-in-Chief of Absolute Write newsletter, about the virtual minefield of scams that dot the Internet.  Jenna tells authors how to avoid the traps, many of which she fell for personally during her early career including a phony poetry contest when she was only 10.

Ex President Clinton told a national audience that anyone over 50 owes it to the next generation to leave a written record of their life experiences as he did in publishing his memoirs. Eve Quillin took this message to heart. Starting off well into her 70's, Eve captured her life experiences in the form of a book titled, My Life in Shorts. Unlike Mr Clinton, who received a multi million dollar advance, Eve, living modestly on a fixed income, self published her book. Listen as we talk about her publishing experiences. Let Eve serve as an inspiration to all who listen and help motivate you to get those memories out of your head and down on paper.

Is a trade book distributor right for your self-published book?  This and many other questions are answered in this, in depth, interview with Eric Kampmann, president of Midpoint Trade Books, a New York based book distributor.

Self-Publishing radio Interview with J. Kirby Best, the President of Lightning Source, gets to the bottom of the confusion surrounding the term POD (Print on Demand). POD is a printing method, not a publishing or distribution method. The name has been hijacked by many online Vanity Presses in an attempt to change the image the Vanity Publishing industry.  Learn the ins and outs of POD. Also learn why there are so few actual POD printers even though it is a phrase hundreds of printers use to describe themselves. Also, learn how a book can appear to be available in thousands of different outlets while, in reality, not a single printed book exists. Lightning Source is a subsidiary of Ingram Industries, Inc, the owner of one of the largest book wholesalers in the world. Lightning Source services over 2300 publishers including virtually all of the publishers claiming to be "POD Publishers".

Host Ron Pramschufer chats with Public Relations' expert Penny Sanservieri about the facts and fiction which surronds the PR Industry.  What is publicity?  What is Public Relations?  What does this all have to do with the self-publisher.  Is Oprah for everyone? Does publicity pay for itself?  Find out the answer to these as well as other questions concerning this confusing part of the publishing process.

Ron talks with Dan Poynter, "Mr Self Publishing" himself, about a new idea of his on how a person can get into the illustrated children's book market without spending much money.

Selling books to non-bookstores is a buried treasure for the self-publisher. Non-bookstore sales make up almost half of the total sales in the country, yet few people give this type of sale more than a passing thought. Brian Jud, book marketing "Special Sales" specialist, shares his experience with our listeners. Sales to airport stores, Milatary bases, corporations and specialty shops are all discussed.  Where to get leads and what you do when you get them is discussed in detail.

Lively conversation with the Queen of Cold Calling, Wendy Weiss. Learn tips from the Pro on how to not be afraid of picking up the phone and making sales calls.  If you are going to self-publish, you are going to have to learn how to sell books.  To sell books, the self-publisher is going to have to learn how to pick up the phone and make a sales call. Nobody does it better than Wendy.

Part two of our discussion with copyright attorney and founder of clickandcopyright.com, Mark Levine. When does the copyright start.  How long does it last.  How major of an issue is copyright infringement in this day and age. All these questions and more are answered in todays show.

Who is a publisher?  Sounds pretty simple.  The answer might surprise you.  Candid interview with Jan Nathan,  the Executive Director of PMA, the Independent Book Publishers Association. Traditional publishing, self-publishing, vanity publishing are all discussed.  Self-Publishing? Great!  Want to write and let someone else to do all the work  for you? Save your money, it's not going to work.  Keep writing.  PMA has over 4000 members, many of which started as self-publishers with a single title. Don't miss this interesting interview.

Author Mark Levine talks with Ron today about his book, The Fine Print - What Print-on-Demand and E-Publishing Contracts Really Say.  This book digs into the fine print of many of the online Pay as you go publishers including Author House, Xlibris and I Universe.  If you are thinking of signing a contract with any pay as you go publisher, you must listen to this interview. 

An interesting conversation with Susan Driscoll, the President of IUniverse. The discussion complements the previous interviews with Bryan Smith of Author House and Dave Maturo, previously with Xlibris about POD Publishing.

A while ago I wrote an article for the Publishing basics newsletter titled "Amy Fisher - If I Know Then... POD Superstar or Vanity Press Deception. The book or author was not as much the news in this article as was the publisher who published the book. My guest today is Susan Driscoll, the President of IUniverse and she will be talking to me about the Amy Fisher book and how it fits within the IUniverse family of publishing programs.

Part 2 of an insiders look at the Vanity/Subsidy/POD publishing industry. Ron talks with Dave about the realities of publishing short run Children's Illustrated books as well as other aspects of the "pay to be published" publishing world.

Part 1 of an open discussion with industry insider about the facts and fiction which surrounds the POD and Vanity Publishing Industry. 


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